[CLUG-chat] Super G3 fax-modems

Price,Neil nprice at gibb.co.za
Fri Sep 16 09:18:57 SAST 2005

Can anyone recommend a external serial fax-modem that can do Super G3 fax
(33.6Kbps)? I'm looking for one that'll work with Hylafax on a 24/7 basis.

Only one I've found is the Multitech and the agents want R2300 for one.

One that'll work reliably at 14.4 would be the next option. I'm told that
modems based on the Rockwell/Conexant or Agere chipsets work well. But
alas I cannot find a single locally available modem that is based on these
chipsets. I've driven my supplier batty.

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