[CLUG-chat] developer STILL needed for world domination proposal

Mogamat Abrahams tech at cyber-worx.co.za
Thu Sep 15 12:40:03 SAST 2005

> Can the thing you propose handle finance distribution?
> Remember, the whole thing works only if we have large numbers of people
> submitting reviews, and for this we need the finance distribution. We also
> have to give authors a reason to make submissions here, whereas they could
> go to existing publishing houses to be paid for their work.
You could design the software interface to allow access to ANY of the data
the software holds.
Building on the XML-RPC proposal, I would suggest that only ratings are sent
back and forth,
with some sort of central, privately accessable accounting system. You will
be paying by the popularity
of the article anywayz so it a simple matter to calculate the distribution
to the relevant parties.
You could then use some third party payment provider to accept and disburse
payments, only
yesterday Setcom was mentioned.

But then again, whilst you have noble intentions your market is somewhat
staid and set in its ways,
there was a CITE search and ratings system way back, which crawled for
research docs and automatically
counted and rated the original work based on the amount of times the
derivative work was cited.
Almost like google rates weblinks (AFAIK it had something to do with the
original research that spawned google)
Many people still believe that Einsteins theory of relativity is true, and
that spaniards "discovered" america.....

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