[CLUG-chat] Everybody Loves Eric Raymond

Clive Zagno clive at zlogic.co.za
Thu Sep 15 11:40:04 SAST 2005

I watched my first Everybody loves raymond episode in a long time, last 
night, I think the last time I watched it was about 2 years ago and I 
found the current series a waste of time, I dunno its not even, funny 
just plain stupid.


Izak Burger wrote:
> ready wrote:
>> i try to hang on long enuf to watch at least until 20:30 just to spend
>> some time with the wif.
> I once made a mistake and taped an hour on SABC2 instead of SABC3, in 
> the process taping the sotho news instead of Everybody loves Raymond.  I 
> almost slept on the couch that night... :-)
> I do enjoy it though...

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