[CLUG-chat] developer STILL needed for world domination proposal

Randhir Rawatlal r2 at chemeng.uct.ac.za
Wed Sep 14 09:24:04 SAST 2005

>> 1. - you mention the big no-no word: patent

I explain the patent issue in the expanded (article) version as follows:
"3.2 Provisional patent
A provisional patent was registered in July 2005. Why is a patent needed?
Besides the obvious benefit to the inventor of the system, a patent is
essential for the system since it would prevent splinter-systems. That is,
if several bodies begin creating similar systems, we would simply revert to
the current problem of multiple journals without cohesion. The patent
facilitates a single central system that gives a member access to all fields
of research and education. 
But more importantly, as the inventor of the system, I acknowledge that the
system itself may be regarded as a publication and is subject to change and
improvement, just as the publications on the system themselves are. In other
words, I am pointing out that knowledge creation is such a fundamental right
that its management cannot be entrusted to a few people or a single
organization, but must be handled in a democratic way, that is, according to
the wishes of the entire knowledge-contributing population. The patent
therefore also prevents some other commercial owner eliminating this aspect
of self-evolution."

>> 2. - experience level required isn't mentioned

I don't care as long as the job gets done. What I'm asking for right now
isn't anything difficult, just the implementation of the prototype software
on a Linux server and the incorporation of some equations. I would do the
job myself but my skills are in simulating mathematical equations in
high-level languages like MatLab rather than the tech-heavy cgi/pl/py. I
hired a programmer (before I moved here to CT) who wrote the prototype.

>> 3. - where is this job exactly?

Floating out there in the glorious ether that is the internet.

>> 4. - whose the employer?

Still composing a corporate structure for the system; for just this small
project, it would be me.

>> 5. - salary range?

Ahhh! How vulgar! The opportunity to work on a project whose noble aim is to
create a knowledge creation platform cannot be reduced to such cold hard
Seriously though, for this small project (well, to it me it seems very easy
for someone who just has the tech know-how) I can afford just about R2-4000.
If anyone is keen on joining this project to really get serious with the
software (and this is where I need someone very good), you'd become a

>> 6. - full-time, part-time, out-source job?

Guess I've answered that.

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