[CLUG-chat] was: BANNED FILENAME, now 'Doze Dezpendenzies

Zoltan Szecsei zoltans at geograph.co.za
Tue Sep 13 08:11:19 SAST 2005

(aren't I a model little lister (changing the thread)??? - maybe we 
should send this to the glug'ers as a role model for them ;-) )

Brendon Schafer wrote:

> So all the closet 'doze users come out ;)
that was my cunning plan...you see, no matter how much we love our *nix 
(I've been using unix on a PC since 1990 - it was SUN's I386 that was 
distributed on a bunch of stiffies!!), we have to admit that it is very 
difficult to get away from Billy-boys wares.

So, as a role model to all our clients that we have pushed Linux & 
OpenOffice (etc) onto, where do we stand?

Sigh - don't we love moral dilemnas?



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