[CLUG-chat] More SMS Spam

Dewaldt van Wyk dewaldt at ionicdata.com
Wed Sep 7 10:29:43 SAST 2005

Jonathan Endersby wrote:

>Anyone heard of these guys?
>I just got an SMS from them, apparently I am eligible to win R100 000.
>ha bloody ha.
>So I called them and supposedly the supervisor is going to call me back
>(again, ha bloody ha)
>BUT, they're in Thornton... I'm willing to go and freak out in their
>offices if I don't get a satisfactory response. Anyone wanna come with
>and/or take pictures?
I went to a computer auction held by faranani auctioneers 
(http://www.farananiauctioneers.co.za) and mistakingly supplied them 
with my details. I was plagued by them  for a few years via cellphone 
and sms.
In the beginning of this year their web site got hacked and the hacker 
thought it good to send all us  "subscribers" a bunch of emails:

	snOoPy 0wnZ H3rE

	huh im here admin, where are you ?

	>From Morocco

I phoned them and asked to speak to the manager. I told him that that 
their server was hacked and that I would be able to fix the hole for 
them. "No", said the manager,  "we already have people working on it." I 
thought yeah right, the same people who allowed for this to happen in 
the first place. Less than a week later snOoPy was back again sending 
email from their site. It took me 3 emails before they eventually 
dropped my info; the last one with a cc to my lawyer telling them that I 
was going to take legal action if they did not remove every single bit 
of information they had of me from their computers.

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