[CLUG-chat] OCR Help needed

Deon Bredenhann deon1 at propellerheads.co.za
Tue Sep 6 11:47:56 SAST 2005

Hi all

I'm sitting with a few images(28000), and some of them needs to be
renamed based on the presence of a word inside the doc.

I have some images for those who want to look at it.


gocr Image1.jpg
AGEYT*.   -> should be AGENT

I had a look at gocr, ocrad and ClaraOCR
ClaraOCR is horrible. And the tool needs to be commandline.

There is also something called GIFT on the GNU website.
But I still cannot figure out how this tool works.

I ideas or help with this little problem.
Anyone know how I can improve the quality of the recognition (only using


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