[CLUG-chat] FreeNX

Stephan February clug at adeptiva.com
Fri Jun 24 11:21:00 SAST 2005

Hi there

I recently read an interesting article about FreeNX 
(http://freenx.berlios.de/). If you've ever wanted a nice, fast and FREE 
(libre) XServer for Windows, this will get the job done. 
I've tested it, and found it works smoother and faster then VNC. Here are some 
of the reasons I like FreeNX.

    1) I can setup a single icon on a Windows desktop, which will launch a 
        "single" application on the server, e.g. running Kontact or Evolution
        remotely without getting a full KDE/Gnome desktop.
    2) Even the commercial pricing is much lower then what I've seen for
        commercial Win32 XServers

    3) NoMachine's compressing proxy will outperform any regular 
       Win32 XServer solution.

    4) This is a great leap forward in mixed environment computing,
        i.e. providing Windows desktop users with cool Linux desktop apps.
         cool Linux desktop apps while  

The commercial client and server are available from NoMachine 
(www.nomachine.com), and installs so smoothly that it would be well worth the 
money in a commercial deployment.


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