[CLUG-chat] Is Linux for losers?

Jonathan Carter jonathan at shuttleworthfoundation.org
Fri Jun 24 10:50:12 SAST 2005

Roland Giesler wrote:
> You guys are astounding.  Every time something like this pops up on the
> list, you attack either the sender, the journalist, or the person mentioned
> in the article.  This is really a good Micro$oft tactic and they have
> trained you well!!
> What about what Theo had to say?  Is he correct in saying that the Linux
> kernel code is not good?  Is not, why not?  

It certainly isn't perfect, that doesn't mean his statements are justified.

> It's really immature to carry on the way most of you do, whenever there's a
> comment or criticism against Linux.  Unless that changes, a large part of
> the world will never take you seriously.
> I'm ready for what may come my way.... ;-)

Roland, everyone are entitled to their opinion. If you're going to post 
an anti-Linux article to a Linux community, you are going to get a 
response. There's nothing immature about it. Perhaps the person who 
posts provocative messages is more immature, if the intentions are not 
to invoke intelligent conversation. Posting anti-Linux sentiments will 
give you the same reactions as posting satanic content to a Christain 
list. Or by posting pro-abortion content to a pro-life list. It's a fact 
and the way things are and nobody is going to change just to keep you 
happy. Get over it ;)


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