[CLUG-chat] Some questions about web-cams

Johann Botha joe at frogfoot.net
Fri Jun 24 00:19:10 SAST 2005

Hi Thomas                                     >@2005.06.23_23:20:30_GMT+0200

> > most reviews say it starts working well at 512kbps+ (:
> No, that's not true. We used to have frequent video conferences with the
> US using 384k. Surprisingly enough, the biggest hit comes with the sound
> getting broken up.
> Years ago we did lot's of ISDN development/sales and there was a big
> drive to push video back then. We did video over 64k, and the only
> problem is that movements are *really* jerky, but as long as you sit
> still in front of the camera it's quite acceptable. Ok ok, you could
> just put a photo next to your monitor, but hey, Steve's wife didn't
> belive that did she? ;)

I guess it depends on what quality you are interested in,
I would like to measure it in frames per second, not seconds per frame :P


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