[CLUG-chat] IPCOP - Any Good?

J-P Human jp at unix.co.za
Wed Jun 22 18:48:24 SAST 2005

Other options are monowall and smoothwall, each have there disadvantages and
advantages, u have to weigh them up. Basically I find
Smoothwall has (besides the std stuff) ids,proxy lacks shaping and cant have
complex networks with lots of subnets etc you have to pay them for that. 

Monowall is cool it has traffic shaping, big plus but lacks a proxy server
and ids( ids is not that important ) bsd based

Ipcop im not 100% sure felt a bit hacked together not as neat as the others,
lacks shaping not sure 


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I have recently been introduced to a new firewall distribution called ipcop
www.ipcop.org it looks like a good product from the little I have played
around with it.  I have been looking for a decent firewall product that is
easy to setup and administer.  I would like to know if anybody is using this
product currently and their opinions, or maybe an alternative that you would


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