[CLUG-chat] Something happen to the SAIX overseas pipe?

Marko Vukovic vukko at rouvic.com
Wed Jun 22 16:30:05 SAST 2005

Francois Loubser wrote:
> http://www.safe-sat3.co.za/SystemInformation/SystemInformation.asp
>>From the web site it says that the cables can handle
> 120Gb/s and that the satellite is similar. So 240Gb/s for
> the whole of Southern Africa (not to mention the fact that
> the cable goes on to India). So if IBurst offers 1Gb/s
> internet that means 240 people can use 1Gb/s at the same
> time. And this is a new system that came in in 2000 and is
> supposed to last for 25 years.

Doesn't seem like much eh, maybe Gb is a mistake and it's supposed to be

> I might be wrong though, but hey I am paying R550 per month
> for a 128Kb line that gives me an effective speed of 80Kb,
> as opposed to my friend in the UK who has a 2Mb line for
> R150 per month and from my experience probably get more
> than 2Mb (due to compression).

Yes, that really sucks doesn't it! OTH a mate of mine in London has been
waiting for 2 months now for BT to send a technician to fix his ADSL
line, for which he's been billed mind you. Sounds worse than Telkom!

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