[CLUG-chat] Something happen to the SAIX overseas pipe?

John S. Murray john.murray at pathcare.co.za
Wed Jun 22 15:15:04 SAST 2005

Finders keepers. If you find something lying on the beach, for example, 
it's yours. Like an old shoe, or bit of rope or whatever.

Marko Vukovic wrote:
> John S. Murray wrote:
>>Anyone want to go into business with me?
>>I'm thinking of making some 80's style lampshades with those rotating
>>whassnames with specks of light on the end. I've found a really good
> U not steal!
> Yes Franscois, you can go see it on the beach
> http://www.safe-sat3.co.za/SystemInformation/SystemInformation.asp

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