[CLUG-chat] Mail IS->Tiscali problems

Marko Vukovic vukko at rouvic.com
Tue Jun 21 20:34:19 SAST 2005

Price,Neil wrote:
> Anyone having problems sending mail to Tiscali based recipients?
> My logs are full of this:
> relay=mail.tiscali.co.za[],
> delay=64951, status=deferred (host mail.tiscali.co.za[]
> said: 421 mxvwall-07.worldonline.co.za Error: timeout exceeded (in reply
> to end of DATA command))
> relay=mx5.tiscali.co.za[], delay=99807,
> status=deferred (conversation with mx5.tiscali.co.za[] timed
> out while sending message body)
> Some 80 messages all with timeout errors are in the queue, all to Tiscali
> based addresses. No problems sending anywhere else. Tiscali recipients
> claim to be recieving mail from elsewhere.

Hmmm, it would seem that the Tiscali MX are complaining that there was a
time-out while waiting for message body from your SMTP server. Can you
try send a message by hand ie with telnet or nc?

When I do a MX lookup for tiscali.co.za I am not seeing those two IPs
listed (even though they do seem to accept mail for tiscali.co.za).

tiscali.co.za.          7200    IN      MX      20 mx1.tiscali.co.za.
tiscali.co.za.          7200    IN      MX      30 mxbackup.saix.net.

mx1.tiscali.co.za.      7200    IN      A
mxbackup.saix.net.      74232   IN      A


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