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Francois Loubser wrote:
> Does anyone have a Leadtek WinFast TV 2000 Expert TV Card?
I've got the plain WinFast TV 2000.

> Does this work with Linux?
Works under Debian Sarge, Mandriva LE2005.

  Does the TV recording onto hard
> drive work well?
Used to get in working in Mandrake 8.0, but had some codec issues.

  Does it cause any IRQ or other conflicts?
Not any in four years

> Does it have a RCA Video In for baseband reception?
Yes, recorded from a video machine many times.
  Does it
> come with software that support XMLTV and Tivo like PVR
> recording?
No, Linux software. But works with xawtv, kdetv, zapping and avifile.

I use the same card and it works fine Centos4, but I have not been able to
get the remote to work. Has anybody had success with that?


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