[CLUG-chat] where can I find a good laptop?

Jonathan Groll jonathanjg at wo.co.za
Mon Jun 20 20:47:09 SAST 2005

Jonathan Carter wrote:

> Price,Neil wrote:
>> On Mon, June 20, 2005 10:50 am, Jonathan Carter said:
>>> with an OK'ish laptop. The HP laptops seem quite durable and they're 
>>> not
>>> very heavy.
> Hmmm... meant to send just to Raoul...
>> Have to disagree with you there. Maybe they are fine for home use but we
>> have about 20 HP laptops and all of them have given nothing but trouble
>> from day 1. Power supplies blow, cd-writers die young, motherboards blow
>> and the hard drives run slowly and crash fast. On top of it, HP's 
>> service
>> is appalling, two week waiting times are not unusual and the laptop 
>> often
>> doesn't work when it comes back. We had one that went in with a broken
>> cd-drive (1 month out of warranty) and came back without its power 
>> supply
>> and with a blown motherboard. The arguments are still going on.
> My friend only had that laptop for 2 weeks now, so it's impossible to 
> say for sure. It looks decent though, only time will tell. The thing 
> is, it's a bit hard buying a good laptop for under 8k (it's hard at 
> even <10k). Do you get Dells for under 10k?
> -Jonathan
To add another voice to the chorus:
Beware of HP after sales service, scarily ineffective, so pray nothing 
goes wrong and then you'll will be fine....

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