[CLUG-chat] Website Visitor Authentication that can't be given toothers

Dewaldt van Wyk dewaldt at ionicdata.com
Fri Jun 17 15:58:44 SAST 2005

> Nope, you aren't missing something - that's the disproportionate 
> irony:  Windows users are irrational.  They worry about "security 
> risks of cookies" when their machines are a cesspool of virii and 
> worms and they are prepared to install even more unchecked software 
> rather than accept a cookie.

Often caused by media hype - terms get used loosely and "Cookies" happen 
to be one of them. I know a lot of people turn off cookies. To conquer 
this, I save stuff in a hidden variable in the html file. When they 
click on a link on the page that session data  is added to the link or 
posted in the form. Essentially it is still a cookie, only it lives as 
long your HTML page lives - and ironically they don't know they are 
storing data for you in the very page they are viewing without cookies :-)

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