[CLUG-chat] Website Visitor Authentication that can't be given toothers

Adrianna Pinska adrianna.pinska at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 14:57:01 SAST 2005

On 6/17/05, Charles Oertel <charles at finebushpeople.net> wrote:
> Hi Chris
> Chris van Wyk wrote:
> > Once downloaded the content can be give away for free in any case. So why
> > not charge per downloaded?
> The site is more of a business directory - the subscription gives you
> access to contact details of businesses in given categories or regions.
>   The kind of thing a big company might subscribe to for its employees,
> with the risk that a 20 000 employee organisation buys only one and make
> the password available to everybody.

If this is mostly aimed at companies, then why not use a corporate
licencing model where a company is contractually obligated to pay for
as many subscriptions as it has employees, and enforce it legally?  It
should work about as well as proprietary software licences, then.  No
large company is likely to take the risk of fraudulent access, for the
same reason that large companies generally don't risk using pirated
software (the danger that a disgruntled former employee will rat them
out).  Smaller companies will be more likely to risk it, but the
degree to which they will plausibly be able to lie about their numbers
will be several orders of magnitude smaller, and the so will the
corresponding loss in revenue for your employer.

The kind of fraud you seem to be most worried about is the kind that
would be the easiest to fight legally.

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