[CLUG-chat] Website Visitor Authentication that can't be giventoothers

Chris van Wyk chris at jib.co.za
Fri Jun 17 14:12:52 SAST 2005

> Hi Chris
> Chris van Wyk wrote:
> > Once downloaded the content can be give away for free in any case. So
> why
> > not charge per downloaded?
> The site is more of a business directory - the subscription gives you
> access to contact details of businesses in given categories or regions.
>   The kind of thing a big company might subscribe to for its employees,
> with the risk that a 20 000 employee organisation buys only one and make
> the password available to everybody.
> Of course they could do some proxy/sharing thing, so the mechanism
> needn't be foolproof, just not easily breakable.

I then agree with Paul using a client transacting via a web service. 

You issue the client a username password pair generated specific to the
machine, for example the MAC address, the client submits this all via the
soap call and on the server side all should add up.

This does not stop client app distribution, but allows you to track who is
messing around, i.e. username password pair used with different mac


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