[CLUG-chat] Thanks for a great turnout and help

David Son dvpson at iafrica.com
Fri Jun 17 11:14:40 SAST 2005


Thanks to everyone that joined in for the Youth Day (June 16) mega 
tuxLab install. What a great turnout. There must have been at least a 
100 members from various LUGs out there on the day. What a festive 

A roundup of the details of the event will be posted later on the SLIG 
website and I'm sure on the other LUG sites as well. If you have 
anything to contibute about your personal or other experience (humourous 
sides as well) please e-mail Adeleida_Bingham at autumnleaf dot co dot 
za. Adeleida has kindly offered to compile the articles.

Thanks again for your support.

LINUX LUGs rock!!


--David S

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