[CLUG-chat] Mitel SME

Russell Tiedt rtiedt at rusty.org.za
Thu Jun 16 06:53:02 SAST 2005

On Wed, Jun 15, 2005 at 09:00:49PM +0200, Mark Ter Morshuizen wrote:

> > Can anyone tell me if the Mitel SME server software will run on a
> > Pi-133, with 48Meg. RAM and a 2gig HDD for a home network.
> >
> > Alternatives that would fit the above hardware, if any please.
> http://www.bmannconsulting.com/node/706

Well I previously ran a e-smith 4.0.1 server on a 486, and it worked a
treat ...

> A simple setup based on Debian or a BSD should be able to do all the same 
> stuff. You just need to spend some more time setting it up.

Well yes, I'd favour a Debian setup, as I know it way better, but as you
say it will take more time, which is something currently in very short
supply, <sigh> I have too many irons in the fire and not enough hands,
if you understand the what I am getting at. :-(

Have found some "help" with regard to the above at
http://www.aboutdebian.com, but must find time to study these and then
get a box I can play with, to see how it works, shouldn't be too
difficult to resarect the above mentioned PI-133 for that task, which
will again grab a slice of my time. :-((

But ultimately it is the route I want to follow, as it will allow me to
build a lean mean purpose built system, which is something I favour.

In the mean time I have some bash scripts to write, next maybe a Debian
based internet server, if I cannot find a suitable alternative in the
meantime, the mitel sme server is easy great but I figure it is
"overkill" for my purpose, but it sets-up in a half-hour which is real




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