[CLUG-chat] device to device copy

ready steady at eddie.org.za
Wed Jun 15 14:45:00 SAST 2005

this is driving me mad but 

i have a dual boot system with an ntfs /dev/hdc1 that i want to make an
exact copy to /dev/sda1 

what would be the best what to do this 


fdisk make a partition (ntfs?) on the /dev/sda of the exact size
of /dev/hdc1
give it a file system (does it matter which)


dd if=/dev/hdc1 of=/dev/sda1

the /dev/sda drive is a new bigger drive. i want to keep my windows
installation but change the distro i am now using. so i want the windows
installation as it currently is change the drives and install linux on
the new drive but keep my current drive as a backup until i am happy
with the new setup. 

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