[CLUG-chat] How does one group threads together?

Roland Giesler roland at giesler.za.net
Mon Jun 13 17:18:50 SAST 2005

> This is the CLUG mailing list.  Where the "L" stands for 
> "Linux".  So you're unlikely to get any answer other than 
> "Don't use Outlook".

It was inevitable that I would this response sooner or later ;-)   Since I
know there are people on the list using Outlook as a means of reading mail
about Linux issues and trivia, I was hoping someone had a solution for me.
In time I will move to some other client (Thunderbird may be first in line).

I am however irritated by people telling me things I know, have taken
cognisance of or otherwise are common sense.  

Now I'm feeling better ;-)

Mmm..  The next time I ask a beginners question about unnamed project X and
it's apparently undocumented features, I'm sure someone will remind me of
this posting.  Rightly so!



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