[CLUG-chat] Tech contact in IS?

Mike Morris mike.morris at cocosoft.co.za
Mon Jun 13 13:10:48 SAST 2005

Anybody got a friendly tech contact in IS networking who caould whisper 
quietly & (if necessary) confidentially in my ear WTF if going on in 
their network?

For over a week now there's an intermittent problem where packets from 
the S Cape (get routed vi PE) hit a faulty router/link (at as far as I can tell) in IS's network (carrying mweb 
traffic) and I end up with latencies in the 4-second range reaching the 
outside world.

Not a huge problem for you average webmunchkin where the latency is only 
really confronted once, but its hell trying to configure stuff over an 
ssh link like this, I can tell you!

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