[CLUG-chat] [FW: Denial of Service attack?]

Rory McKinley rorym at nebula.co.za
Sat Jun 11 10:01:55 SAST 2005

Jan Groenewald wrote:
> Hi
> And in the meantime, every 10 minutesi, ring ring.
> CELLC also said go to the police.
> cheers,
> Jan
Here's another option...

She could take Telkom to small-claims court ;). I think I read on this
list, if memory serves, that the respondent has to show up in person
(CEO of Telkom?), that they don't give you a time, just the date and
that you aren't allowed to send lawyers. If that is the case, she could
take Telkom to court for the cost of a new cellphone that would allow
her to blacklist the calls.

;) again, that's the theory...

Seems like it is obviously some sort of money-making scam - I would
suggest a couple of letters to newspapers - chances are that she is not
the only one, one person is easy to ignore, but a couple of thousand?
You don't even have to go to Telkom - you could go to the mobile service
providers as well....or even ICASA!

One wonders if there isn't anything in the supposedly all-singing,
all-dancing, cholesterol free ECT bill that covers this.

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