[CLUG-chat] OT - Hi from the SLUG list and announcing freeTux 2005 Youth Day install

David Son dvpson at iafrica.com
Wed Jun 8 07:49:38 SAST 2005


Hope it's OK to announce this here. :-\ .

For the second year running SLUG will be 'manning the stations' at 10 
schools on June 16 2005 (Youth Day public Holiday) . Last year we 
garnered the support from some CLUG and SULUG members and hope that you 
will once again support this effort to take Linux to the masses.

Operation freeTux is an all-out effort to install and implement a tuxLab 
(Linux thin client network and Open Source educational software) 
consisting of 20 Thin client PCs, a Linux server and Networking 
infrastructure in under 3 hours per school, at 10 schools in one day.

If you can join us for a day of community service, and some socialising 
afterwards ( we will get together after the installs ),  we
welcome your participation.

We will be discussing the progress and getting input on the project this 
evening at 17h00 at the MTN Science Centre, Canal Walk, Century City. 
Join us if you can.

Some of the broader points of the operation can be viewed at 
www.slug.org.za -> Wiki -> June16Coutdown


More Power to the LUGS!

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