[CLUG-chat] Protestors gathering outside Shuttleworth foundation offices

Marko Vukovic vukko at rouvic.com
Tue Jun 7 14:21:07 SAST 2005

Jonathan Carter wrote:
> Simon Fishley wrote:
>>> The "protestors" generally seem very happy :-)
> Hehe, yes. They called themselves protestors.
>> Or confused? Protesting and demading free software outside the home of
>> TSF does not seem to be a very sensible way to go about things.
> I wanted to find more information on who they were, but by the time I
> got outside they were gone. No one inside knows who they are either, or
> where they came from. By the time I got outside again they were gone again.
> I just thought it was funny :)

Publicity stunt eh, hehe. How about we all get together and go protest
outside m$ offices ;)

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