[CLUG-chat] LCDs

Zoltan Szecsei zoltans at geograph.co.za
Wed Jun 1 12:40:32 SAST 2005

Jan Groenewald wrote:
> Hi
> On Wed, Jun 01, 2005 at 11:51:57AM +0200, Zoltan Szecsei wrote:
>>Pinnacle seem to have good deals on LCD panels.
> pinnaclesys.com or pinnacle.co.za?  
>>It would be 17"or 19"(not 18", I think) and in that price bracket it 
> I have an 18" SUN LCD. Most other people don't make that size.
>>would be 1280x1024.
> That's fine.
>>I'm not sure what their on-site warranties cost, though.
> I can find out, once the price reaches a reasonable level. This is also
> debatable. At a good price I don't need a warrantee, I just get 5% or
> 10% extra. Don't believe in insurance much anyway.
>>Are you registered as a dealer with anyone?
> Sure, whomever Univ Stellenbosch is registered with.
> We use their financial department to place orders.
> They seem to be limited to Sahara or Dell now. They sent me some
> superhigh prices for Samsung LCD too. Even the 15" is out of range.
> I'll register as a dealer with whomever I need to.
> See I've got vendor-lock-in with Dell. We got a super deal when we
> opened shop. Now I stick with them to keep systemimager really simple.
> But I can at least switch to LCDs if I can beat their price for 19" CRT. 
> I need to drop a little more to convince management. Better for your
> eyes (flameproof, been thur this argument), less power consumption, less
> desk space...  
> If I can find a 17" at R1400 or 19" at R1500 I'll go for it. Even if it
Dream on (well, for a few more months, anyway) - but for crying in a 
bucket, let me know if you manage to get these sort of prices.

> is Rectron or Sahara... But I'd prefer a semi-decent company.
I've yet to find a more decent crowd than Pinnacle/Rectron/Genex to deal 
with, so I'm a bit surprised you singled out Rectron. Sahara's only real 
problem is that they are overtly in for a fast buck. If the stuff is 
less likely to fail (ie CPUs) then buy from Sahara, otherwise the above 
3 are at least as good as market norms for this business.

Here's some numbers:
Pinnacle 5513310 Shireen
Genex 5518887 Chris
Rectron 5557111 Lesa

Good luck with getting the price as low as you want.

my 2c

> cheer,
> Jan

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