[CLUG-chat] Freaky thought

Mike Davis Michael.Davis at cpt.softwarefutures.com
Tue Mar 30 15:48:41 SAST 2004

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> From: Stephan February [mailto:clug at adeptiva.com]

> If you have not already, you should read Neil Stephenson's 
> Cryptonomicon. 
> There is a bit of esoteric theorising in there about 
> eavesdropping on someone 
> elses computer by reading the field emitted from their CRT :) 
> [or something 
> like that. It's years since I read it.] 

There is a bit of technology (in use) that does exactly that.
It's called Tempest.

What appears to be a dodgy Conspiracy Theory website, but
I think has valid info (not well checked):


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