[CLUG-chat] Freaky thought

Simon Fishley simon at millen.co.za
Tue Mar 30 15:25:57 SAST 2004

I recall reading an article that claimed you could see what someone was
doing by the pattern of the flashing lights on their modem... I suspect the
author might have been wearing his underpants on his head at the time but

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Hi there

On Tuesday 30 March 2004 21:11, Stoffel Van Aswegen (GMSI) wrote:
> A speaker can also function as a microphone.
> Can a machine be hacked such that the speaker is used to eavesdrop on 
> the user?

I don't think this will work. Apart from speakers making for terrible mics,
in your computer, the speaker and mic lines are connected to physically
distinct points. The speaker is connected to the output line, and your mic
is connected to the input line. No amount of software hacking (short of
potentially hacking the firmware, and even then I'd have my doubts), would
achieve the desired result.

If you have not already, you should read Neil Stephenson's Cryptonomicon. 
There is a bit of esoteric theorising in there about eavesdropping on
someone elses computer by reading the field emitted from their CRT :) [or
something like that. It's years since I read it.] 


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