[CLUG-chat] OT: fined for copied CDs?!? IP

Francois Lubbe flubbe at ackermans.co.za
Fri Mar 26 15:54:18 SAST 2004

As far as I understand the situation, you buy the right to listen to the 
music on the cd, and not the right to transfer that right to someone else. 
In other words, you can make copies for yourself  but you can't give that 
copy to a friend because he didn't buy the right to listen to the music. 
(Thats my warped interpretation of the whole legal issue)

Radio stations have to purchase special liscenses for their music because 
basically so many people are gonna listen to the music for which they 
probably did not pay. (However you paid for it thru your TV liscence which 
is where the radio stations get the money from to buy the liscences...)

my 2c


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