[CLUG-chat] OT: fined for copied CDs?!? IP

dave dave at my.co.za
Fri Mar 26 15:14:55 SAST 2004

Angelo Zanetti wrote:

>HI all,
>apologies for the OT post.
>Last night a friend of mine said that he had heard a story of where at road
>blocks people are being fined for having illegal music CDs-copies.
>Firstly is it legal to copy a CD that you or I bought say a Beatles CD? I am
>pretty sure that it is.
>Secondly is it legal to lend someone a CD (say the same Beatles CD or the
>If it is illegal to lend someone a CD then how can people and shops resell
>is it legal what the traffic officers or whoever is at the road blocks are
>Also is the CD regarded as intellectual property?
>Any comments welcome.
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It is legal to make one copy of a music disk you own.

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