[CLUG-chat] Paying for linux?

John S. Murray john.murray at pathcare.co.za
Fri Mar 26 14:07:41 SAST 2004


Just wanting to clear sommit up here.

As far as I've always been concerned, linux has always been free and 
always will be free. I can understand that a packaged linux distro can 
be charged for if it comes with manuals and additional software that is 
licensed or whatever, but what about the code etc from these.

Take for example Redhat Enterprise. That is no longer free, or is it - 
but in theory you could still get hold of the source code if you wanted.

Another example would be SuSe and the Novell story -  You can't download 
the ISO's now, but you can still install via ftp off their server (Or 
download the lot and stick onto a DVD)

Is a day likely to come where one cannot just download the latest 
version of any particular unless you pay people money for it ??


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