[CLUG-chat] Video splitter / KVM switch?

Simon Fishley simon at millen.co.za
Thu Mar 25 15:02:29 SAST 2004

Hi Wayne

I have some cables you can use if you still need them - Mail me off list.


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Hey all,

I've got a little problem with presenting my Open Source 3D Graphics talk on
Tuesday - displaying output on both the projector and my monitor at the same
time.  (I only have a desktop PC).  The only feasible solution which we see
at this stage is to either use a video splitter or a KVM switch.

Does anyone have one which they wouldn't mind lending us for the evening?
If you're going to attend the talk you can just bring it along and take it
back with you when you leave.  No hassle.


Wayne Koorts
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