[CLUG-chat] Video splitter / KVM switch?

J-P Human jp at unix.co.za
Thu Mar 25 10:30:02 SAST 2004

mmmm iv got a kvm116d switch im trying to sell for R2000 its brand new
in the box never used. You can use it ( or buy it ) if you want the only
problem is i dont have the mouse,key,monitor cables they dont come with
the switch.


On Wed, 2004-03-24 at 21:45, Wayne Koorts wrote:
> Hey all,
> I've got a little problem with presenting my Open Source 3D Graphics talk on 
> Tuesday - displaying output on both the projector and my monitor at the same 
> time.  (I only have a desktop PC).  The only feasible solution which we see 
> at this stage is to either use a video splitter or a KVM switch.
> Does anyone have one which they wouldn't mind lending us for the evening?  If 
> you're going to attend the talk you can just bring it along and take it back 
> with you when you leave.  No hassle.
> advTHANKSance,

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