[CLUG-chat] [OT] Piracy? (was Re: [ELUG] An attempt to bringLinuxto the general Public)

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nice one Mike!!!! sorry im a little late posting to this thread!

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Christiaan Erasmus wrote:

> I also think they have the legal right to enter a premises without a
> warrant and are allowed to "shame" illegal users publicly.


Please tell us under what law they may search without a warrant, since
not even the Scorpions may so act.

Furthermore "public shaming" would constitute libel.

A few years ago BSA and MS representatives phoned me to find out why I
had not yet returned their software survey.  I explained that they
should not expect any reply ever, and invited them to hold their breath.
  (Didn't work, unfortunately, did it? :)  They then threatened legal
action should I fail to participate in their survey.

I replied that they were free to send their lawyers to search my
computers for illegal software, provided those lawyers are accompanied
by SAPS officers carrying a legal search warrant, but that under no
circumstances would I participate in any software survey.  (I also
invited these people to send me a survey of the contents of all video
tapes in their homes...)

Still waiting (4 years and counting).

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