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Jonathan Carter jonathan at shuttleworthfoundation.org
Wed Mar 17 09:46:52 SAST 2004

alan wrote:
> Wayne Koorts wrote:
>>> what or who are "Gauteng People"
>> I think they're talking about the Gauteng Linux User Group (GLUG).
> Ta. I'm not a .za person. Just lurkimg on your list and it spiked my 
> curiosity.
> I'd guess Gauteng is a region of SA? answer off-list if u think this 
> thread not suitable for the "general" public.
> Alan

I'm posting off-list for what its worth. Yes, Gauteng is another region 
of SA, up way north. Cape Town is at the bottom, and both have the two 
biggest LUG's in SA. There's a bit of 'competition' between them. Things 
get funny sometimes.

Do you know Steven Adams by any chance? He lives in Sydney and is also 
good with Linux...


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