[CLUG-chat] modem problems

Jesse Long jesse at jesselong.co.za
Tue Mar 16 09:58:59 SAST 2004

Quoting Percy Langa <Planga at pgwc.gov.za>:

> --snip--
> I'm using a Mecer 56k external usb modem..
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> Hi Jesse,
> Got any good links/pointers to resources on "howto setup a usb modem
> for linux"? I have a usb isdn modem and I haven't had much luck yet. Ok,
> I havent really chased this issue to the summit.
> Regards
> Percy

Hi Percy,

I got mine working by googling for <chipset> modem linux. The drivers I got were
a matter of ./configure, make, make install, which worked a trick. 

http://www.linux-usb.org/ also has quite a bit of usb device information.

Hope this helps,

Jesse long

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