[CLUG-chat] modem problems

Jonathan Carter jonathan at shuttleworthfoundation.org
Tue Mar 16 09:25:56 SAST 2004

Nicky van der Walt wrote:
> Hi,
> I installed Mandrake 9.2 for a friend a while ago.
> The machine's got a Lucent Winmodem which I just cant get working,
> believe me I tried.
> So my question is, can anyone suggest a modem that will defiantly work
> with Mandrake 9.2 ( and Suse as well) . Internal or External.
> I am going for the easy one out on this one.  If you can actually point
> me to place where I can purchase this modem (and maybe give me a price
> as well) it will be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Nicky

I've found external serial modems to always be easy. Just plug it in, 
and when you run the network wizard in MCC it will pick up the modem 
automatically. Many people have had good success with USB modems as 
well, but I'm not 100% convinced when it comes to compatibility... 
certain internal modems (even winmodems) will work with Linux, but I 
still prefer external modems. At least you can see the lights are 
flashing and 'measure' your data throughput by looking at how bright the 
receive lights shines :)


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