[CLUG-chat] EU group set to recommend against Microsoft

Charles Oertel charles at finebushpeople.co.za
Mon Mar 15 09:30:13 SAST 2004

The decisions look like rubbish to me ...

From :

Second, the Commission will rule that Microsoft has given rival makers of 
low-level servers too little information to compete with the company's 

This much is true...but

As a result, Microsoft's low-level servers, which perform tasks such as 
printing and file handling, work better with Windows.

Not true.  My understanding is that Samba is almost 3 times faster than 
Windows file sharing, and the underlying printing model of unix is FAR 
SUPERIOR to the Windows one (in linux, the client computer does not need to 
know what type of printer it is printing to, 'cos it sends all output in a 
generic (postscript) format).  In Windows, you need to load a printer driver 
for whatever printer you send a job to (which works great at home because you 
have 1 PC and one printer, but sucks in a company/university where you might 
choose to print to a machine in another building / city / country).

The Windows approach to printing also prevents you from running a pool of 
printers with failover/load balancing (unless they all use identical 

The one area where things could improve in the linux samba implementations is 
the PDC/login/encryption etc area.

The advisory committee is expected to approve a remedy requiring the U.S. firm 
to share more of its protocols with rivals, charging a reasonable royalty. It 
will be left to Microsoft to work out the precise solution, with close 
oversight by the Commission, the sources said.

This worries me.  What is a reasonable royalty?  On the other hand, Samba has 
come along fine without any help from MS, and probably a company will pay the 
royalties and sell an open source application that does the Samba thing well 
(would this be possible I wonder?).

Just my thoughts...


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