[CLUG-chat] Mweb 3 times faster

Mischa Capazario mischa at ixpress.co.za
Fri Mar 12 08:09:40 SAST 2004

On Thu, 11 Mar 2004, Mike Morris wrote:

> Geoffrey Chisnall wrote:
> > yes, it is a client side application.
> >
> > it apparently compresses, uncompresses packets (help! ;) )
> Oh!  Like pppd has been doing forever, then...
> > only windows afaik.
> Only windows /needs/ something added on.

Windows has also had line compression built in forever (at least since

I don't know what's special about this acceleration.  Perhaps better
algorithms... ?

Anyway 3 - 4 k/s is not very good, specially not with fancy pants
acceleration where thereotically you should be able to get higher
throughput than the 56K technology allows.

Mischa Capazario
Systems Administrator
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