Open Letter to the BSA/DTI (was re: [CLUG-chat] [OT] Piracy? )

Mogamat Abrahams (Cyberworx) tech at
Mon Mar 8 21:14:32 SAST 2004


>Paul Hennion wrote:
>Guys, I agre, I would be willing to get involved as well.

We need:

To define our goal - are we protesting against the DTI endorsement, the BSA,
its methods etc?

An Editor/Arbitrator : Final say on proposed Changes, disputes w.r.t this
A Media Liason/Spokesperson : Liase with the media and go for interviews
Writing persons : Someone with good writing skills.
10 or so volunteers to lobby the press/ government departments, write to
them complaining
about the same thing, just in different words. They all have email now

Any volunteers/nominations? or some other positions I 4got?
Anyone want to write the first draft?
I have some random thoughts for a letter, but I pitched my BSA letter the
very same day I got it.
If someone could post/ email me the text, it would help.

Humble servant of the OSS movement.

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