[CLUG-chat] LOL @ M$ email!

Wayne Koorts wayne at wkoorts.com
Fri Mar 5 23:05:03 SAST 2004

Hey Clug,

Look at this message I got from Microsoft this morning...

See my comments in between the '<<>>'


Microsoft User
<<My system is 100% FAT[32] free!!!>>

this is the latest version of security update, the
"March 2004, Cumulative Patch" update which eliminates
all known security vulnerabilities affecting
MS Internet Explorer, MS Outlook and MS Outlook Express
as well as three newly discovered vulnerabilities.
Install now to continue keeping your computer secure
from these vulnerabilities, the most serious of which could
allow an attacker to run executable on your computer.
This update includes the functionality of all previously released patches.

System requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT/XP
This update applies to:
 - MS Internet Explorer, version 4.01 and later
 - MS Outlook, version 8.00 and later
 - MS Outlook Express, version 4.01 and later

Recommendation: Customers should install the patch at the earliest 
How to install: Run attached file. Choose Yes on displayed dialog box.
How to use: You don't need to do anything after installing this item.

Microsoft Product Support Services and Knowledge Base articles can be found on 
the Microsoft Technical Support web site.

For security-related information about Microsoft products, please visit the 
Microsoft Security Advisor web site

Thank you for using Microsoft products.
<<Linux is a Microsoft product?>>

Please do not reply to this message.
<<Don't worry about that!>>
It was sent from an unmonitored e-mail address and we are unable to respond to 
any replies.

The names of the actual companies and products mentioned herein are the 
trademarks of their respective owners.
Copyright 2004 Microsoft Corporation.
<<I can't seem to run this file!>>


LOL.  Are these guys a joke or what?  And since when does Microsoft send 
patches via email anyway?  Ha.  Sounds rather fishy to me.

Wayne Koorts
Registered Linux User #330079

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