[CLUG-chat] Semi-hypothetical question

Simon Fishley simon at millen.co.za
Fri Mar 5 15:33:51 SAST 2004

Hi guys
So I have a steep hill ahead of me and am not sure where to start.  My
current scenario is this:  I have recently inherited an ISP - that is to say
both the guys who were running it left shortly after one another.  So I have
an ISP that is in need of an overhaul ASAP and I am considering ways to go
about it.
The current setup :
1 x RH 6.2 Box - mail server - very underpowered and serving mail for about
230 domains. It is also a Radius Dialin + Authentication server.
1 x RH 7.1 Box - mail server 2 - same spec as above, but less load.  This
server runs Interscan Viruswall for clients who request virus scanning (they
do pay for it).
So as you can see it is a little out of date.  My plans so far.  1 new
server with enough oomph to do the job of both of the above.  Anti virus
scanning for all the clients using Clam or something similar (with the
Interscan wall as an extra option for those who want proprietary stuff).
Spam filtering is essential, but that opens up a whole new can of worms - to
deliver the mail flagged as spam, or to delete the spam or to quarantine the
spam - but these problems are for another thread altogether.  Webmail
interface is also essential. Any other thought?
Now my challenges. How to accomplish this migration from old to new without
inconveniencing my clients, and at the same time get the move done as
quickly and smoothly as possible. Which OS and MTA to choose. etc etc
I would welcome any comments you guys have, I cant think of a better forum
to pose this question in.
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