[CLUG-chat] Wireless LAN with Linux

Angelo Zanetti binc2 at ctech.ac.za
Thu Mar 4 16:31:46 SAST 2004

Hi Eric

802.11b = 11 mbps
802.11g = 54mbps (this standard is backwards compatible so it will work on
an 802.11b access point, but only at a transfer rate of 11mbps)

I have not done this personally but apparently the default security settings
need to be administered and also the encryption WEP is very weak (really
weak) so look at enhancing the encryption, I'm sure someone on the list can
give some apps or something to help with this.

using VPNs will help as well as only allowing certain MAC addresses ( can
someone confirm this?!?)

one last thing (more light hearted) is that if you were listening to a radio
in your office say goodbye cos the wireless signals make it sound really
fuzzy =(

hope this helps

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Just two comments.
1) Wireless LANs are notoriously insecure, with security is a concern
using VPNs over these connections.
2) Take the transfer rates that are advertised with a pinch of salt. Real
transfer rates on 802.11a/b and even 802.11g networks are not great. The
advertised transfer rates are in fact the theoretical maximum.

If anyone knows/has experienced any different please tell me.

- Andrew.

On Thu, Mar 04, 2004 at 01:41:41PM +0200, Erick de La Fuente wrote:
> Hi
> We are considering setting up a wireless LAN.
> What do we need to know? Is it worthwhile?
> Any anecdotes or experiences will be greatly appreciated.
> What is the range like?
> Regards,
> Erick
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