[CLUG-chat] [OT] Piracy? (was Re: [ELUG] An attempt to bringLinux to the general Public)

Shawn Jooste (CSP) csplist at gam.co.za
Thu Mar 4 09:02:45 SAST 2004

I got the letter from the BSA aswell, What now. I only have Open Source
stuff here! What are they going to do? Can they obtain a list of my
customers? A lot of my customers are running illegle stuff! Are they going
to inspect my premises? Does anyone actually have all the details!

> Let's pursue this in a public forum (like the newspapers) to make people
> aware
> of the issues here.  I want to get to the bottom of this too - send me a
> letter please (I feel like causing kak again ;-)

I second that!


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