[CLUG-chat] OT: Python mailing list / tutorials

Wayne Koorts wayne at cwazy.co.uk
Sun Oct 26 20:24:09 SAST 2003

Hi Jonathan,

The wxPython mailing list is great, and they don't really mind normal
Python-based questions either.  There are a couple of South Africans on
the list too.  Must it be _only_ SA?

Wayne Koorts

Registered Linux user #330079

On Sun, 2003-10-26 at 19:41, Jonathan Carter wrote:
> Hi Clugland
> I'm working on a Python tutorial / study guide that I want to get into
> schools so that people can get into it at a young age. I learned Basic
> when I was 8, and the basics of Python isn't any more difficult.
> The thing is, I'd like to discuss Python, and certain things about my
> document with linux / python users. Is there a local (read South Africa)
> python user group?
> My guide is still very small, so I've attached it so that you can get an
> idea what I'm trying to do. It's still very crude, and I'll probably
> rewrite the whole thing in the end instead of correcting all the
> language mistakes.
> All input is welcome, negative or positive.
> Thanks CLug!
> Please see attached file
> Jonathan
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