[CLUG-chat] Spam from harvested list archives

Jonathan Carter highvoltage at thepub.co.za
Wed Oct 22 19:02:42 SAST 2003

On Wed, 2003-10-22 at 10:59, Dale Gallagher wrote:
> Hi there
> I'm sure those of you who post regularly to various lists,
> or manage mail servers are well aware of the accelerated
> growth of spam!
> It concerns me that glug-tech's list archives are
> publically available and hence susceptible to spam-bots. I
> see clug-tech's are only available to list members (after a
> brief investigation) - I stand to be corrected on this,
> perhaps they're also publically archived somewhere?
> I have used various addresses over time to post exclusively
> to lists and they inevitably end up on spammer databases.
>  I'm well aware that list archives are not the only source
> for spam-bots, but a lucrative one nevertheless.  If you're
> not convinced, simply google for your name and you're bound
> to find a reference to one of your posts to glug/clug/other
> list; if google can find your address, then so can
> spam-bots!
> Many list archives out there are now modified to hide email
> addresses, where for eg. user at my.domain is replaced by
> user at xx.xx, presumeably by a quick-and-dirty regex script.
> I would like to propose that the various lug list managers
> apply similar address-hiding scripts to publically
> available archives.  We're all adversely affected by
> spammers and every attempt, no matter how small, to thwart
> spammer tactics will help.
> My 2c worth.
> cheers
> Dale

I haven't had any problems so far. I've been subscribed to clug for more
than at least 3 months now, and I haven't had one single spam email on
this account since I joined, and I don't use a spam-filter or anything. I think there was 2 messages to the group once that was spam, but that was someone who actually went and subscribed to the group and posted it.


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