[CLUG-chat] Spam from harvested list archives

Dale Gallagher dale-lists at ananzi.co.za
Wed Oct 22 10:59:15 SAST 2003

Hi there

I'm sure those of you who post regularly to various lists,
or manage mail servers are well aware of the accelerated
growth of spam!

It concerns me that glug-tech's list archives are
publically available and hence susceptible to spam-bots. I
see clug-tech's are only available to list members (after a
brief investigation) - I stand to be corrected on this,
perhaps they're also publically archived somewhere?

I have used various addresses over time to post exclusively
to lists and they inevitably end up on spammer databases.
 I'm well aware that list archives are not the only source
for spam-bots, but a lucrative one nevertheless.  If you're
not convinced, simply google for your name and you're bound
to find a reference to one of your posts to glug/clug/other
list; if google can find your address, then so can

Many list archives out there are now modified to hide email
addresses, where for eg. user at my.domain is replaced by
user at xx.xx, presumeably by a quick-and-dirty regex script.

I would like to propose that the various lug list managers
apply similar address-hiding scripts to publically
available archives.  We're all adversely affected by
spammers and every attempt, no matter how small, to thwart
spammer tactics will help.

My 2c worth.

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