[CLUG-chat] Very nice bash-scripting intro

Jonathan Carter highvoltage at thepub.co.za
Fri Oct 10 16:56:30 SAST 2003

Hi Clug.

I can remember some people mentioning that they want to learn bash
scripting. I also searched the web, but couldn't find anything REALLY
useful, so I had to figure out most of it myself... BUT, today I finally
got started on Paul's book, rute.

In chapter 10 (node 10?), there is a very nice intro to bash scripting.
I think anyone who wants to get started with bash scripting will find
this useful (and I suppose the rest of the book too).

I got it off last month's LinuxFormat, but the link says you can get it

HIGHLY recommended reading!

I think Paul's book should be available on the CLUG website too, I think
he shouldn't have a problem putting it there, since he's part of clug.

And Paul, if you're reading this, thank! It IS a really good intro, and
it does make those linux courses seem useless (from what I've seen so


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